Major Lost Ark Update to Introduce Changes in Earning Gold

Lost Ark Gold Earn Update

Ahead of a major November 2022 update, Lost Ark Developers

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Smilegate announced that there will be some changes made as to how players can earn Gold. This is due to a persistent bot issue that plagued the game since its February 2022 release. The Developers acknowledged that alongside the bot problem, inflation within the game continues to rise. Several of these changes are being made to combat both. The information comes through an official blog post, which outlines all intended changes in detail. These updates will appear on November 16, 2022.

The changes include:

  • Removed Gold from Rapport rewards. All Rapport Gold rewards will be replaced with other items, such as Engraving Recipe Chests, Card Packs, Card XP and Amulets used in the new Tripod system.

  • Removed Gold from Welcome Quest completion rewards. All Gold rewards from the quests will be replaced with Silver.

  • Oreha’s Well Abyss Dungeon [Normal Difficulty] Gold rewards reduced from 1500 total Gold to 900. The recommended Item Level and the requirement to matchmake into Oreha Preveza has been lowered from 1340 to 1325, equal to Aira’s Oculus.

Alongside the changes the Gold system in Lost Ark, major adjustments will be made to the user interface, the Stronghold, quests, and general quality of life updates. All of this comes before the introduction of the Reaper, the third Assassin Advanced Class to appear in Lost Ark. To commemorate the release of the Reaper in North America and Europe, players will get a chance to obtain a Punika Powerpass which can be redeemed until January 18, 2022. A Hyper Express Event will also be held, with missions available to complete until February 8, 2022.

Lost Ark is available on PC. The November “Feast with Friends” update will arrive on November 16, 2022.

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