Makai Wars Lives As A Newly Announced Smartphone Strategy RPG



Once upon a time ago, Nippon Ichi Software announced Makai Wars on PSP in 2004, which was then moved to PS3 in 2005, and now it lives on as a new smartphone company that just got announced.


Ever since Makai Wars was announced as a new PS3 title in 2005, not much was revealed for the game other than a trademark registration back in November 2010, a teaser that looked like a game starring Asagi in April 2013, and word from president Sohei Niikawa in October 2015. The title has been in Famitsu’s upcoming releases list’s TBA section for as far back as we can remember, too.


Fast-forward almost over 13 years since its first announcement on PSP, Nippon Ichi Software announced that Makai Wars lives on as a new smartphone strategy RPG, featuring Asagi as the main character.



The smartphone game is described as a fusion between the smartphone game Yurudorashiru and the Disgaea series.



It also features newly redrawn character designs.



Here’s the first and only look we have at some gameplay for the strategy RPG.


President Niikawa also commented saying that they’ll eventually have to do Makai Wars on console, but no further details were shared on that.


Makai Wars is in development for iOS and Android. A release date has yet to be announced.

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