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Devils and Realist: Treasure of the Deputy King is a 3DS game based on an anime airing now. The original series follows the story of William, an aristocratic progeny. When his uncle loses all of his possessions, William searches his home for belongings that he can sell, in the process unleashing a demon named Dantalion who reveals that William has the power to choose the king of the demon world.

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The Devils and Realist game will feature an original story featuring Rashild, a transfer student and the son of an Egyptian diplomat.


William and Rashild quickly become friends, but when a mysterious intruder invades the school, they discover the existence of a treasure hidden within the school. William and Dantalion soon begin their treasure hunt, bent on grasping fame and fortune.


Along with Rashild (left), there is another new characters, a mysterious young man named Heydar (right).

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The game plays like a visual novel with decision-making points and branching storylines. As you progress, the game will measure your wealth as well as your friendship with the demon characters, including Dantalion, Sytry, Camio, and Kevin. The story will end differently depending on whether you choose to bond with the demons or follow your own greedy desires.

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In certain events, you will be able to partner up with one of the demons. For example, when someone hides Rashild’s valuable pendant, you must pick someone to help you search for it.

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To help you complete every route, the game includes a chart that lets you review every decision-making point you passed and your friendship levels with the demons.


Devils and Realist: Treasure of the Deputy King will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on September 26.


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