More Make Rockman Details Revealed as Pre-Orders Opened in Japan

Make Rockman details

Now that the pre-orders for Make Rockman have started today in Japan, Artec has revealed more details on the educational game programming kit based on Capcom’s famous Mega Man franchise, including the programming language and software used. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The Mega Buster-shaped controller that comes with Make Rockman is based on ArtecRobo 2.0, a robot programming kit with customizable parts and attachable blocks. Its circuit board has a variety of sensors, such as an accelerometer, magnetic compass, and gyrosensor. Although the unit is normally connected to PCs with a USB cable, it can also connect wirelessly to tablets with Bluetooth, as well as communicating with other ArtecRobo 2.0 units through Wi-Fi.

The programming language used in the kit is Scratch 3.0, which has a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface. The resulting code can even be converted into Python afterward. The kit’s software will also have a paint tool that lets users directly change Mega Man’s colors for his special weapons.

The assets needed to program a Mega Man game will be available to download for free on a specific website for educational purposes. It consists of 280 images, 15 BGMs, and 25 sound effects. The pack will also come with two mini-games featuring Proto Man and Dr. Wily; the latter being a two-player game. The Mega Buster controller can even be re-assembled into Proto Man’s shield-and-buster or Dr. Wily’s joystick to play their respective mini-games.

Artec has also published a more complete trailer that shows more details on Make Rockman, and you can watch it right below:

The pre-orders for Make Rockman on Makuake will be available until October 20, 2020, although there is also a limited number of slots. It is noted in the rewards section that those who have pre-ordered should receive the kit by the end of November 2020. When the kit is sold publicly at a later date, it will be available at 22,550 yen.

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