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Make the Grade With These Persona 5 Royal Answers for Classes

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Being modern-day RPGs that include both dungeon-diving and daily life segments, recent Persona games have taken time to show what the lead characters’ high school classes are like. This means you’ll occasionally have teachers asking you actual questions about real-world topics, and getting the answers right can lead to helpful stat boosts or can aid your allies. However, among the Persona 5 Royal changes are new class questions. So here’s a cheat sheet with all of the Persona 5 Royal answers you might need.

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Editor’s Note: As you might imagine, there are some school-related spoilers ahead, as this guide has all of the Persona 5 Royal answers to help you try and ace your classes.

To help you out, we’ll be dividing all of the answers up by months below. We’ll also be using the standard month/day format for easy searching, as that is how dates are presented in Persona 5 Royal. We’re also omitting images for this section, so you can clearly look down the list and find the answer you need.

April Persona 5 Royal answers:

  • 4/12: Villains
  • 4/19: They’re the same.
  • 4/23: All of them.
  • 4/25: “You unquestionably support it” is the first response. Then you select, “You have a duty to correct it.”
  • 4/27: Four color theorem.
  • 4/30: Choose “wonder,” then “child,” and finish it off with “a prodigy.”

May Persona 5 Royal answers:

  • 5/7: Fatal Woman.
  • 5/10: The Heian Period.
  • 5/11: First pick “Minatomoto no Yoshitsune.” Then, choose “Minamoto no Yoritomo.” After that is “Yoritomo won.” The last answer is “the weak.”
  • 5/12: First, you choose “cognition.” “Both” is the answer to the second question.
  • 5/13: “The Devil’s Dictionary” is the first answer. The second is “Femme Fatale.”
  • 5/16: The placebo effect
  • 5/19: Katsushika Hokusai
  • 5/21: 1:1.414
  • 5/23: The first response is “together.” It is followed by “senses.” Finally, the full definition is, “Senses coming together.”
  • 5/26: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • 5/31: John Silver

June Persona 5 Royal answers:

  • 6/4: The halo effect
  • 6/7: The number of legs.
  • 6/8: Controlling public thought.
  • 6/13: Green
  • 6/15: Coins
  • 6/20: Smartphone
  • 6/23: A pope
  • 6/27: Dogs
  • 6/29: Gold

July Persona 5 Royal answers:

  • 7/1: Barbarian’s head
  • 7/4: Julius and Augustus
  • 7/7: “The Milky Way” is the first response. You follow that up with “Soumen’s noodles.”
  • 7/9: A triangle
  • 7/11: You first need to respond, “Memories that last a long time.” After that, you select “infinite.” The final response is “forever.”
  • 7/12: Thievery.
  • 7/13: The first answer is “64 degrees.” The second one is “Zhuge Liang.” The third is “Barbarians’ heads.” Finally, the last one response is, “To offer them instead of heads.”
  • 7/14: Choose “red king crab” first. After that, the correct answer is, “It caused confusion in the economy.”
  • 7/15: “Raining cats and dogs” is the counterpart of “raining witches.” “Demon guts” is the second answer.

August Persona 5 Royal answers:

Ha! There aren’t any. That’s when Joker gets a break, as school is on break this month.

September Persona 5 Royal answers:

  • 9/3: Prosperity
  • 9/6: Chronostasis
  • 9/14: Money loans for collateral.
  • 9/17: Cats eating human tongues.
  • 9/21: Central Europe.
  • 9/24: 20 white, 12 black
  • 9/28: P is for “Phantom,” V is for “vibration,” and S is for “syndrome.”
  • 9/29: Imperial household agency

October Persona 5 Royal answers:

  • 10/3: Stars
  • 10/6: Joseph-Ignace guillotin
  • 10/11: Bouba
  • 10/17: You begin by answering with “32 surfaces.” Then, you say, “It used to be one color.” The final response is “black and white picture.”
  • 10/18: The first answer is “Charles-Henri Sanson.” After that, you must select, “It’s a hereditary profession.”
  • 10/19: “Slave labor” is the first response. Then you need to choose “3 bees in all of Europe.”
  • 10/22: 15
  • 10/24: Memory bias

November Persona 5 Royal answers:

  • 11/2: A share of stolen goods
  • 11/4: A sword
  • 11/8: Any age
  • 11/10: Crow eyes are hard to see.
  • 11/12: Because the voice is synthetic.
  • 11/14: Because of high altitude
  • 11/15: His head was put on display.
  • 11/17: Cochleoid

December Persona 5 Royal answers:

  • 12/20: First select “D.” After that, choose “over one billion yen.” The third response is “having his head displayed.” Finally, the last one is “a performance.”
  • 12/21: Choose “hearts,” then select “attend.”
  • 12/22: “Japan” is the first answer. “Dreadnought” is the second.

January Persona 5 Royal answers:

  • 1/11: First tell Ann, “How numerous they are.” After that, choose “the eight million gods.”
  • 1/14: Iwate
  • 1/18: Impressive
  • 1/20: A snake
  • 1/24: First, choose “kind-hearted.” The second response is “negative.” Finally, pick “resentful.”
  • 1/27: To friends of friends of friends

Persona 5 Royal is available for the PlayStation 4.

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