Making The Most Of Death In Trillion: God Of Destruction

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Let’s be honest here. Your Overlords are going to die in Trillion: God of Destruction. It’s going to happen often. I did my absolute best, and I didn’t get past the boss’ second Dragon form in my first run-through. Success is a mix of proper time management and luck when it comes to random event. Everyone should be able to defeat the first, giant form without much trouble, but additional fights will be far more difficult.


This means you need to get comfortable with the idea of sacrificing land and allowing Overlords to die. It’s best to try and keep them alive as long as possible, sending them to retreat at the last moment. But, if things seem really dire, then going ahead and offering up an Overlord is the best.


But like I said, before getting to that point, try and delay the inevitable as much as possible. Rather than buffing up defense, do your best to focus on speed and attack. Ideally, you don’t want to be hit at all. A high speed stat will guarantee you more turns than Trillion, while also letting you dodge his minions’ attacks. Having Devil Envoys isn’t exactly necessary for the first Trillion form, but they’re essential for his following ones.




Once your Overlord does fall, it’s time for a Death Skill. There are five to choose from, Final Strike, Part Seal, Dark Revival, Demon Barrier, and Fortification. Some will prove more helpful than others. I recommend a Part Seal the first time you face any Trillion form. With both the giant and dragon forms, sealing the tail is really helpful. It’s easy to get behind the boss, it allows you to take advantage of a back attack skill, it stops special attacks from that part, and it removes armor. It’s a good first step, since the part remains sealed as long as Trillion is in that form.


If the next Overlord to face Trillion also falls, then it’s a good time for Fortification. This increases the size of the next Overlord’s weapon, making it much stronger than normal, and also reduces the amount of experience needed to learn skills. You’re going to have a strong fighter from this option, one that can easily hack off a decent amount of Trillion’s life.


Now, if the fortified Overlord is about to fall too, then I’d suggest going with Dark Revival. It takes the previous Overlord, with all of its skills, and makes her into a ghost. She then acts as an ally who can join the current Overlord on the field. Following this pattern is how I ended up taking out the giant form of Trillion and heading into the dragon form.




That isn’t to say the other Death Skills aren’t as useful. Demon Barrier gives you extra time to train, which is always helpful. Especially later in the game, when you need more experience to boost stats. And Final Strike is a straightforward attack that deals a tremendous amount of damage to Trillion. It can be a good way to dispatch the dragon form if you’re so close to almost being done with it. But, I personally found Part Seal, Fortification, and Dark Revival to be more practical for my needs.


Of course, everyone’s strategies for facing Trillion will be different. You’ll fall into your own patterns and discover routines that work for you. The important thing is that you keep moving, avoiding his attacks, and plan ahead. If you do well, maybe you’ll succeed where I failed and reach the third form.


Trillion: God of Destruction is immediately available for the PlayStation Vita.

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