Making The Most Of Your Fire Emblem Heroes Rolls

Fire Emblem Heroes is going to be a game with so many different warriors to choose from. After all, it will eventually have characters from 12 installments available. You’re going to have favorites you’ll want to get and use. But, since this is a game where the majority of your units will come from random pulls on an in-game gacha, you aren’t guaranteed the folks that you’d like. Fortunately, there are some things that make not getting the character you want, or the character you want at a certain star level, more bearable.

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First is the rerolling. When you begin Fire Emblem Heroes, it is possible to get through an initial portion, go for a multi-summon pull with 20 Orbs, and then restart if you don’t like the five heroes you get from that roll. The downside is, it will mean redownloading the 300MB game each time. But, if you’re okay with that and connected to Wi-Fi, it is a simple process. You download the game and begin, but don’t connect it to a My Nintendo account. Going through the tutorial will give you 15 Orbs. Finishing that and doing the first three missions will get you another five Orbs. You can then use those 20 on one of the gachas. Once you get a group of characters you like, link your My Nintendo account and stick with them.


Now, when you get characters, they’ll have a certain number of stars assigned to them. This is an indication of their rarity and potential. So you could get a 4-star Fateful Prince Corrin, which might seem disappointing. But, if you keep investing in him, he could eventually get up to a 5-star unit. So, with your initial pulls, you shouldn’t let star rating determine whether you reroll or not. Instead, you should look at who you’ve gotten and what class they belong to. See how well they would or wouldn’t work for your initial party. At level 20, you can rank up the unit, which adds another star, increases stats, and offers better skills for them to learn.


virionThere are two different gachas at the moment with characters available. One is Legendary Heroes, while the other is Deep Devotion. Each one will get you some pretty good people. What you want to do is choose a gacha based on the major characters in each one. Fire Emblem Heroes’ Legendary Hero will have a better chance of giving you Marth, Lucina, Robin, and Tiki. On the other hand, people who like Camilla, Lyn, Roy, and Takumi should go for Deep Devotion.


Once you get a group you’re happy with, it’s a good idea to start preparing the initial party. What you’ll want to do is invest in a Fire Emblem Heroes castle as soon as you can. This is a building purchased and existing outside of battle. It permanently increases in-battle experience, and it can even double the amount you earn. Once a castle has been purchased and is in place, it’s a good idea to start battling and using Universal Crystals. Both can level up units. If you have My Nintendo Platinum Points, you can even spend them on Universal Crystal Shards for characters under level 19 and Universal Crystals for those over level 20.


Fire Emblem Heroes also has a Limit Break system. With gachas, there’s always a chance you’ll pull duplicates of characters you already own. But combining these doubles with a character you already have, you can improve the one you’ve been training. This will increase the original character’s stats and SP.


With hero distribution being what it is, there’s a good chance you won’t get all of the Fire Emblem Heroes characters you want at the very start. It might take time to build the exact roster you’d like. But, don’t be disheartened if your initial few heroes aren’t the people you want or don’t have high star rankings. It is possible to rather easily reroll. Also, you can always level up and improve the people you collect. Take your time, don’t splurge for the sake of getting all five-star armies of incredible heroes, and you should accumulate a nice collection over time.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

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