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Making Sure Your Splatoon 2 Inkling Is Properly Outfitted




Splatoon 2 is really a fashionable game when you think about it. There are tons of possible clothing items your Inkling can wear and weapons you can use. But the cruel part is, you won’t be able to have exactly what you want right away. It might take you days or weeks to get a setup you can really use. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to start building up a proper wardrobe.


The first is simple dedication. Playing the game will give you access to new outfits and the money you need to pay for them. Headspace, Shella Fresh, and Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe update their stock daily, offering six items to choose from each day. After you get to around level 12, you should start regularly seeing items with three empty slots, which is what you should be shooting and saving for. These will cost you at least 12,000 coins, so save up for them. The player Inklings you see in your city also have clothing items you can have Murch acquire for you, so make sure you check out what other people are seeing. Leveling up unlocks new weapons in Sheldon’s shop to buy; you can absolutely get by and be a star with the basic equipment, but the variety can only help you.


IMG_1650 The second way to keep up with the best equipment is to get the Nintendo Switch Online app for your Android or Apple iOS device. The actual chat application has quite a few problems. It drains battery life, since you have to have the app open and phone screen on to use it and have to do this back and forth where you start the private room in Splatoon 2, then head to the application, and work with it. (Discord and Skype have served me far better for chats for this particular game.) But the Nintendo Switch Online app is great for SplatNet purposes. Everyone’s SplatNet Store options are the same, so you can keep tabs on accounts like @SplatNetStore to find out what is currently available and if you want it. Equipment with three empty slots will appear there before they do in the in-game Galleria, which makes it a fantastic resource.


Another one of the best things you can do is go through Splatoon 2’s single player campaign. As in the original Splatoon, playing through it can help you unlock replicas of the weapons you are using in the story mode. This means you can get Hero Blaster, Hero Brush, Hero Charger, Hero Dualies, Hero Roller, Hero Shot, Hero Slosher, and Hero Splatling Replicas by helping Sheldon complete his research. Say you want the Hero Shot. You need to complete all 32 missions and 5 bosses using the Hero Shot. This is especially tricky for levels where you would normally use a Hero Charger to hit a far away target or one of those grappling mechanisms, as it means you have to toss one bomb after another instead. The only exception to this rule is the Hero Brella Replica. While you can complete all the challenges to unlock the multiplayer version, it is not accessible in Sheldon’s shop for use online just yet.




Each Hero Replica is essentially a reskin that is more to show off the time you put into the game. But it is a good way to show off to other players. Especially since you would need to be adept with that weapon to even use it. I know I am more wary of Hero Charger Replica users. I have a friend who I occasionally play with that earned that variation. It is definitely something to admire and a visible display of his prowess.


Finally, you will eventually want to participate in as many Splatfests as possible. Splatoon 2 will give out Super Sea Snails based on how many Splatfest Points you earn based on your rank at the event. Even if your team loses, you still earn this currency for your performance. Winning just boosts the number you will be given after the competition ends. These are the only way to have Murch add a slot to a piece of a equipment or reroll the existing abilities on an item you own. Once you have something you like, you want to make sure it has the best skills for your needs.


Staying dedicated will help you quickly build up a wide array of outfits in Splatoon 2, as well as weapons. You’ll be able to have clothes for each possible situation and loadout. It might take at least a week, maybe two, to begin to optimize things. Once you have at least one set that works for you, you can manage until a few Splatfests have come and gone and SplatNet restocks have gotten you exactly what you need.


Splatoon 2 is available for the Nintendo Switch.

Jenni Lada
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