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MamaYuyu Chapter 1 Recap: Heroes and Demon Lords

Shonen Jump’s newest manga release is MamaYuyu, and is sitting at the top of Viz Media’s “What’s hot this week” list. It follows the story of a demon lord and hero in a world where the two races have just recently begun living together. The first chapter was just released, and here’s what happened in it.

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Editor’s Note: There rest of the article contains spoilers for the MamaYuyu manga through the end of chapter 1

MamaYuyu opens with us meeting our two main characters: Mamama, the demon lord, and Corleo, the hero. Both the demon lord and hero are reborn when the last one dies and they are known by markings on their hands. The world they live in is enjoying a relatively new era of peace. The last war between the hero and demon lord ended when the last hero Halohalo gave his life to usher in a time of coexistence between humans and demons. Things seem to be going well with both species seemingly finding it normal now.

Corleo however, is having trouble finding his purpose. He keeps the confusion hidden, but he finds it difficult to figure out what exactly he can do as the hero in times of peace. Mamama doesn’t really understand what’s going on with him as she doesn’t really take the time to understand his point of view.

Corleo is called away as a hero from another world has appeared in his. This new hero, Evan All Green, has trouble accepting a world where demons and humans coexist. He nearly attacks Mamama as she enters, due to the marking on her hand. Evan warns that if he was sent here by the demon lord of his world, that the demon lord itself won’t be far behind. The demons worry that having two heroes in one world will end in the destruction of their world, so they put Evan in a cell for the time being. Evan accepts and says that if they let him defeat the demon lord from his world, he will let them kill him.

Corleo, inspired by the words of a “true” hero, goes to visit Evan in his cell. Evan reveals that he has a power called “sigil sorcery” that lets him perform magic, and that he’s surprised it doesn’t exist in Corleo’s world. Using sigil sorcery, Evan transports them both to a wooded area and proposes that they chat while sparring. Although Corleo has had no training, Evan remarks that he is good. Corleo asks Evan what being a hero means, but Evan, ending the fight, doesn’t give him an answer. Just telling him that he would have to find his own path.

When Corleo returns, he stops a bunch of kids from bullying another and Mamama reprimands him for doing something that could start a fight and challenge the peace. Just then, Evan transports Corleo to a black void telling him that the demon lord from his world is coming. The demon lord from Evan’s world is a strange creature with features from many different species. As terrifying as this nightmare is, Evan remarks that it’s smaller than he expected. Corleo though is dying just being in the presence of the demon lord. Evan easily subdues it and confines it into a small area. Evan then reveals that he has brought Corleo here to kill him and take his position as the hero of this world. He reveals that his old world is no longer habitable and that going back there would mean death. As Evan is asking Corleo what it means to be a hero, the demon lord from his world draws on the power of Mamama and regenerates behind him. Corleo manages one last push and throws himself between Evan and the demon lord sacrificing himself. He finally decided that being a hero meant being strong and fighting against their foe.

Corleo comes to with Mamama and Evan standing over him. Moved by his actions, Evan is giving his life force to Corleo. He tells him that he has killed indiscriminately and isn’t fit to be a hero. That’s where chapter 1 ends.

MamaYuyu is available to read on both VIZ and MangaPlus. Chapter 2 will be releasing on September 18, 2023.

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