PlayStation 3

Be A Man! Blow Everyone Up In Namco Bandai’s Be A Man! Samurai School



Oozing more machismo than Johnny Bravo, showing that yes, the odiferous stench of Manliness can be trained, comes Namco Bandai’s fighter Be a Man! Samurai School: Japan, This is What’s Called Being A Man! Apparently, part of being a REAL MAN also includes ensuring you go everywhere with a weapon—concealed or not. Only a REAL MAN would ever dare get into a fight where he has dynamite strapped to his chest, threatening both parties with a dangerous explosive attack.


Or walk around with that ultra-sharp hair-knife (I just made that up, though its attack style looks a little like a chakram) just resting on top of his head. Clearly, we are not REAL MEN, since we’re also unable to balance on the tip of a sharp spear with our pinky.


The 3D-arena battler is an adaptation of a pretty old manga series that has much in common with other equally MANLY manga’s such as  Fist of the North Star and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures’ completely over-the-top buff men culture. The second trailer from the developers shows off more of the fights and some of the delinquents, school teachers (who clearly were also ex-delinquents) and martial arts masters such as J that players can play as or fight against. It seems most will have their own special moves (or possibly, be able to wear certain equipment) that will have them whipping out those hidden weapons to fight with.



There’s also a glimpse of some more of the stages and possible hazards players will have to face. The easiest stage is likely the boxing ring, which seems to feature no environmental hazards and is just a straight on fight to the death. Others spotted however include a stage set on top of a large ladder, and bottomless pits with standing platforms that players have to jump around on.


Be a Man! Samurai School: Japan, This is What’s Called Being A Man!  will be out for Japan’s PlayStation 3 February 27th 2014.