Manage Your Own Streetfighter In The Nostalgic VHS Story

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VHS Story hasn’t been mentioned on Siliconera, and as its alpha version will be available shortly, it seems like a good time to give you a primer.


It’s about a guy who wants to become the greatest fighter in the world. And you’re the person who’s going to hopefully make that happen.


You do this by starting out as a small town underground fighter, but through training, tournaments, and managing your diet and daily routines, you can ascend to the heights of his dreams. But it’s up to you to call the shots—you can quite easily become nothing more than a couch potato.


As VHS Story is a choice-based game with action-based fighting sequences thrown in for good measure, it is firmly a non-linear story. You’ll go through similar events with each playthrough, but the opportunities and perks offered are based on your performance and decisions.


There are interesting extra activities and quests tied to fights, too. If you don’t beat someone, if you have the money then you can pay someone to tell you their weaknesses, or you could be meaner and poison their hamster so they’re demoralized.


The last thing to note is that VHS Story is made with the movies and games of the ‘80s and ‘90s in mind. So you can expect lots of nostalgic references to various entertainment from those decades. You can keep up with its development on its website.

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