Mangle Enemies With Your Own Unique Combos In This Stylish Beat ‘Em Up



Beat ‘em up I Am The Hero lets players use many different attacks, all executed with simple inputs, to string together stylish, flashy, fluid combos that will devastate their enemies.




The game uses simple attacks to ensure the player doesn’t need to memorize complex inputs. To use a special ability, the player only needs to press attack and a directional button. These special attacks change depending on whether the player is in the air or on the ground, giving them access to several moves with only a few inputs.




Players can also counterattack an enemy by hitting them during a moment in their attack known as “Blink Time.” This results in a “Critical Blink” that does a lot of damage while slamming the enemy with some spectacular-looking moves.




Players are free to string thee attacks together as they like, creating their own combos by rapidly using moves.



I Am The Hero is projected to release in Q3 this year, and is looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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