Manipulate Gravity For Yourself & Objects To Escape The 1-Bit Worlds Of Rota


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Rota will have players using their gravity-adjusting powers to change the orientation of themselves and the things around them, creating paths and platforms that lead to safety through this mechanic.


Rota’s 1-bit worlds are all puzzles that players can solve by fiddling with objects and their own gravity, making it so they can safely land on the other side of platforms, have items fly sideways at locked gates, and change their perspective on things so that they can find a way to the hidden exits.

Seeing how players can alter their environments in many ways, Rota’s music has been designed to help players relax and focus. Using a LoFi Hip-Hop soundtrack, it aims to help the player calm down when the puzzles seem daunting, as well as keep their mind locked into the task at hand.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently underway for Rota, with a demo available through

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