Marine Houshou Hololive Short Video Mocks Mobile Game Ads

Hololive Short Houshou Marine

A new, animated Hololive Short Video on details the rise and fall of Marine Houshou. It’s also a parody of nonsensical mobile game ads and features cameos from a host of fellow Hololive VTubers.

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Check it out below.

The new Hololive Short video is titled “Get a Hundred Free Rolls for the Strongest Pirate” in Japanese and is structured like a low-budget video ad for a mobile game. It shows Marine Houshou as a “Lv. 5 Lady Pirate.” She then saves Luna Himemori (a “Lv. 15 Princess”) from being run over by a tricycle driven by Noel Shirogane, Kanata Amane, and Aki Rosenthal. Luna rewards her handsomely for the favor. Marine is then upgraded, leveling up to become a “Lv. 30 Lady Buccaneer.” She flaunts her power, intimidating passers-by like Shion Murasaki.

The reign of the Pirate Queen is short-lived however, as she attempts unsuccessfully to flex on Korone Inugami. The Hololive Gamers veteran VTuber is a mighty “Lv. 536 Dog.” Notably, the “Dog” class in this Hololive Short uses the kanji character that denotes the Chinese Zodiac animal, not just any dog. Korone quickly slaps Marine around, causing her to level down. She goes from “Lv. 30 Lady Buccaneer” to a “Lv. 5 Pirate.” Then she becomes “Lv. 3 Thug. She ends up at “Lv. 1 Lady Cosplayer.”

The short is a clear parody of a certain genre of mobile game ad, characterized by simplistic CG rendering and absurd situations. The archetypal examples are ones for the game Mafia City, which popularized the dynamic between characters of various levels foiling each other.

More Hololive Short videos can be found on the official Hololive Youtube presence, while the VTubers stream on their respective channels. They also participate in Hololive Graffiti (or HoloGra) short skits.

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