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Rumor: Mario Galaxy Remaster and New Paper Mario Allegedly Coming for Super Mario’s 35th

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Rumors have been floating around forever that Nintendo will eventually release an enhanced Switch port of Super Mario 3D World. That seems like more of an inevitability than a rumor, but the latest suggestion regarding it is getting wild. According to several sources and corroborated by the likes of Eurogamer and VGC!, Nintendo is gearing up to celebrate gaming’s favorite plumber’s 35th birthday big time. While E3 2020 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nintendo’s announcements will continue as planned, and this allegedly includes several HD remasters of classic 3D Mario games and a new Paper Mario.

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The remaster plans appear to be running the gauntlet of just about every 3D Mario game you could think of. Multiple sources are claiming the list of slated remasters includes Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Sunshine. This is in addition to the supposed Super Mario World 3D World port, which is an enhanced release including new levels and features.

These reports are also claiming more Mario games beyond the remasters are coming in 2020. The biggest name going around right now is Paper Mario, although no more details beyond “a new one” are available yet. One more bit of non-video game news supposedly attached to this reveal is more information on Nintendo’s Universal theme park attractions and the upcoming Super Mario movie from Despicable Me studio Illumination.

The original reveal of this Super Mario 35th anniversary bonanza allegedly planned to include physical events at E3 2020, but obviously that can’t happen. According to the sources behind this story, Nintendo is in the middle of revising its plans, but at least for now a digital showcase of some sort is probably the only option on the table.

It seems like the new Super Mario LEGO collaboration may have been meant to be part of this suite of new content, but that was revealed ahead of time. Take all of this with the appropriate amount of salt. We’ll all find out if it is true soon enough.

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