Siliconera Speaks Up: Mario Game Remasters and Remakes We Should Get

super mario remasters super mario remakes

Last week, the much rumored Super Mario remaster collection for the Switch was confirmed during the September Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct. While Super Mario 3D All-Stars is exciting, it might not exactly involve the Super Mario remasters, or even remakes, people might want. So we decided to think about which games we’d ideally like to see again.

paper mario box art paper mario remaster super mario remasters super mario remakes

I know it isn’t going to happen. I would like it to happen, but it won’t. But maybe, just maybe, we could get a Paper Mario as one of the next Super Mario remasters or remakes? Honestly, a remaster would probably be fine. The game looked great on the Nintendo 64, thanks to the artistic direction. But a remake that keeps the characterizations, combat system, and charm, but maybe touches things up a tad, would be wonderful. Please? – Jenni

dance dance revolution mario mix

I’m fully on the record about loving Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year-Door and want more people to play it, but if I’m wishing something into existence, I’m going to pick something that would truly benefit from the technical aspects of a remake or remaster and that game’s great as-is. Also I think a lot of you would get mad at me for trying to pick the GameCube version of NBA Street V3, even though it totally deserves it. So instead, I’ll go with Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix! It’s a whimsical and highly accessible entry in the rhythm franchise that could very much benefit from better audio quality, fresh pads and all the lag settings needed to play music games on modern displays. – Graham

mario is missing

I’ll be honest with you all here… the only time I truly enjoyed Mario games much was in the SNES era. Barring Super Mario Kart–which effectively received a game with every new console–I also played Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars, and Mario Paint… But I dared myself to put up Mario Is Missing here. I remember how my parents loved it so much for teaching me about the world’s famous landmarks. I think it would be interesting to see a remake where the cities are made to be more accurate with the same level of detail as Odyssey‘s New Donk City. – Kite

Super Mario Bros. 2

I have to confess… I’ve never been a huge Super Mario fan. I’m terrible at platformers, and I have little patience to boot. I always enjoyed watching people play them, but I was never a huge player until I discovered Paper Mario: Sticker Star. (I never had an N64, so I missed out on all the classic Paper Mario titles.) That said, though, I have a major nostalgic cling to Super Mario Bros. 2. I loved the idea of throwing vegetables, I loved picking whichever character I wanted, and I especially loved that it wasn’t about saving a princess from a monster. I’m not sure how a remake would look, but I’d love to see Nintendo try. – Keri

Wario Land Super Mario Land 3

I need more proper Wario Land games in my life. Why not start with an update to his debut game, Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. Yes, I know this isn’t a Mario game to nominate as a Super Mario remaster or remake, but it is a “Mario” game. Hear me out. Wario games were fun before they turned into collections of mini-games. I loved the familiarity of Mario platformers with an anti-Mario. Captain Syrup was a real goal of mine back in the 90s when I devoured this game on my Game Boy. I need a new Wario (not Ware!) game for the Switch just as badly as we need the OG Paper Mario and Thousand Year Door on the Switch. Which was yesterday. – Annette

super mario 64 ds

Super Mario 64 is an absolute classic, for sure. But considering all the extra content that the DS version added in, I can’t believe a remake or remaster hasn’t been considered. There are fun twists to the game, such as being able to play as Yoshi in a 3D free-roaming title for once, and there are extra bosses to fight to unlock the extra characters. While it’s true that there were some compromises made for the game, such as needing a run button or the touch screen, a remake could solve these problems and possibly give those who missed out during the DS days a new way to play the eternal classic. – Alistair

Super Mario Remasters or Remakes Super Mario RPG

I know that chances of this one happening are really low, but there aren’t many things I wouldn’t do to get a remake or even a proper remaster of Super Mario RPG: Legend o the Seven Stars. Purists might say that it was perfect the way it was and a part of me feels that way too because it kind of had a charm of its own. However, I always appreciated all the small details about the game which I think would shine much better in an updated release. I always enjoyed the animated expressions from the characters in Super Mario RPG, and that’s something we’ve seen carry over to the Paper Mario series, but I think we could still have something special from it with a modern touch. – Sato

The next Super Mario remasters will be Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy.

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