Mario Kart Tour Gets A First Look With New Footage, Retro Courses, And Closed Beta Details

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The closed beta for Mario Kart Tour started and we’re starting to get a first look with some images and footage appearing online, confirming some of its racers as well as a look at a retro course and more.


The above footage and more could be found by checking the hashtag “#マリオカートツアー” on Twitter, but most of the screenshots and video have been getting removed by Nintendo, as it is currently in the closed beta stage.



There are items but they seem to vary based on your characters who you’ll get as part of the game’s gacha system. For example, we have Wendy, Baby Daisy, and Metal Mario as characters with three item slots. The second row feature characters with two slots, and the one below has characters with single item slots. Furthermore, each character has their own unique item.


The above is a look at some different karts. The bottom row is listed as regular speed, then the middle one is under speed up, and the top one is listed as even more speed up.


2019-05-22_040512 2019-05-22_040517

We got a look at the “Choco Island 2” track that was originally in Super Mario Kart, but appears as a Retro Course version in Mario Kart Tour.


2019-05-22_041257 2019-05-22_041248 2019-05-22_041228 2019-05-22_041214

As for gameplay, it appears a lot like a Mario Kart game but it plays with simplified controls on smartphone using swipes to maneuver.




Mario Kart Tour launches for iOS and Android in Summer 2019.

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