Mario Kart Tour’s First New York Tour Has Musician Mario And Pauline As Its Exclusive Drivers


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In Mario Kart Tour, there will be new Tours every two weeks that take people to different locations. The first launch Tour has just been revealed. From September 25 until October 9, 2019, players will be able to participate in the New York Tour. It will also have Musician Mario and Pauline as the drivers only available during this Tour.


As the Tour exclusive drivers, people will only be able to have a chance to try and get Musician Mario and Pauline while this New York Tour is active. Once it ends in October, new exclusive drivers will be added to the pool. Musician Mario’s special ability allows him to throw two Bo-ombs onto the track at once. Meanwhile, Pauline can use the Lucky Seven item that gives her seven power-ups.


mario kart tour musician mario


As people race in Tours, they can earn Grand Stars. These can be spent on Cups for new races and Tour Gifts. The Tour Gifts are a way of getting new drivers, gliders, and karts for Mario Kart Tour, with each one having different gifts you can acquire. The New York Tour will have Yoshi as a potential driver to earn. (Other drivers, gliders, and karts are earned from the Pipe gacha. Also, each one has a “favorite” course it performs better on.)


Here is the first Mario Kart Tour News episode.



Mario Kart Tour will be available on Android and Apple iOS devices on September 25, 2019.

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