I’m not sure if this has been mentioned at all, but Mario Kart Wii takes note of your Grand Prix victory. When you complete all of the cups with at least a third place finish the credits roll and a photo is taken with your Mii in a racing suit next to Mario and Princess Peach.


I thought the image was cute, but I didn’t bother to snap a picture of it or anything. It would have been unnecessary because Nintendo automatically saves the image and attaches it to a congratulatory piece of Wii mail. Of course, this isn’t the only game to include such a feature. Super Mario Galaxy sent Wii mail after you rescued Luigi, but Mario Kart Wii attaches customized game data.




The e-mail has different stationary identifying it as an official note from Mario Kart Wii




Victory! (Insert your Mii face on the race suit.)


Photo credit Spencer/Siliconera.

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