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Mario Party: Star Rush Footage Shows Steel Diver, Rolling Rumble Minigames



The latest PAX West footage for Mario Party: Star Rush gives players the chance to experience several minigames through a quick round of the Coinathlon game mode. A direct feed video by Gamexplain shows off the Rolling Rumble and Steel Diver minigames, specifically.


The Steel Diver minigame tasks players with collecting as many coins underwater as they can while piloting a submarine. There are two variations of the Steel Diver minigame shown, with one taking place during the day and the other at night.


In Rolling Rumble, the player’s character runs on top of a giant, colorful circus ball while trying to knock off Shy Guys and Koopas off the circus stage. Effectively using the limited stage area to build momentum before making an attack seems to be the key to victory, as seen in the video below.



Mario Party: Star Rush is scheduled to release on November 4, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. Seven new Mario Party amiibo will also be released that day.

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