Nintendo 3DS

Mario Sports Superstars’ Golf Game Is As Traditional Mario Golf As It Gets



If you’re more about the traditional gameplay of Mario sports games, like Mario Golf, then you’ll be happy with Mario Sports Superstars’ approach of less wackiness and more focus on the sports.


To catch you up to speed, Mario Sports Superstars features five main sports of soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, and horse racing. Unlike the more recent Mario sports games, these are less about the super specials and effects and have more focus on the traditional gameplay of each respective sport as shown in the Hole in One footage in the above trailer.


Keep in mind that Nintendo focused on making each sport a full-scale recreation rather than a collection of mini-games. That means you’ll get to play full rounds of golf, participate in a full 11v11 game of soccer, and so on.


Mario Sports Superstars releases in Europe on March 10, North America on March 24, and Japan on March 30, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS.

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