Mario’s Enemies Finally Get Their Revenge In Kill The Plumber



Bari Silvestre is working on a game called Kill The Plumber that he describes as being “reverse Mario”. It has you playing as the fodder that the platforming hero would squash without as much as a second thought.


Of course, so as to not give Nintendo a reason to shut it down, Kill The Plumber only its own equivalents of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Thwomps, rather than the actual creatures seen in the Mario games.


Still, this doesn’t interrupt the core idea, which is to kill Mario (not the official Mario) as he tries to make it to the end of the level. Sometimes this means that you have to simply have the enemy collide with the plumber to kill him. More exciting variations see you trying to drop huge weights on his head, blow up as he passes, or throw axes at him.



There are four levels per enemy type, with the exception being the bosses, such as the one featuring the equivalent of Big Boo above. In that boss fight, you only have to avoid the plumber for a certain amount of time so that he dies from a time out.


So far, Kill The Plumber has only been confirmed for iOS. You can find more videos of it in action during its development on its YouTube channel.

Chris Priestman