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Marriage Is Important In Harvest Moon: Skytree Village


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With Harvest Moon games, socializing is can be an important part of the game. While you can enjoy the game without connecting the the villagers in previous games, building relationships can make it possible to see special events or earn new things. People coming to Harvest Moon: Skytree Village will find that just farming isn’t enough. If you want access to everything in the game, you’re going to have to get married to somebody.


This means you need to beat Harvest Moon: Skytree Village and build up your home. Restoring the seven Skytrees isn’t too difficult a task. Aside from some mutations, many of the items you’ll need will be ones you’ll come across through normal farming. Your dreams will always provide hints about what to do next, so as long as you keep going about your daily business, you should be fine. I was doing lots of stockpiling, making sure I had at least 10 of each item I’d end up growing or gathering stored away, and found I’d completed the main storyline within a year.


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Building up affection is slightly more difficult. Before you can get married in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village, the man or woman you’re interested in must be at 70% chemistry level or higher. Since it’s impossible to give gifts, you build up a relationship by visiting them every day to say hi, participating in town events, inviting them to festivals where you’d have a “date,” and talking to them on their birthdays. These chemistry levels never decrease, which is good, and not getting through quests won’t keep you from getting married. It just gets rather tedious and difficult when you have to jump through hoops that involve getting Blessed Flour (for Gabriel). I honestly felt like Cyril was the easiest bachelor to woo, what with many of his requests revolving around fishing and only requiring larger ponds, but at least you aren’t completely walled off from the one you like best if you aren’t finding the crop mutations or special products they want.


It’s actually getting to a place where you can get married that makes the whole concept frustrating in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village. While it is easier to make money here than it was in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, getting the correct materials to upgrade your home is still time consuming. The house upgrades are the same – you need two before you can get married. That means one round with 85,000G, 40 pieces of hardwood lumber, 10 pieces of glass, and five pieces of mithril, then a second round with 400,000G, 60 pieces of hardwood lumber, 15 pieces of mysterious lumber, and three adamantite. Again, you have to turn to Woody or a dog with full affection for random pieces of mysterious lumber. And 5 mithril and 3 adamantite means actually getting 15 pieces of mithril ore and 27 pieces of adamantite ore. Getting the 3,500G bed and 6,500G table, which are also required, is an additional 10 pieces of hardwood lumber, 10 pieces of softwood lumber, 10 pieces of wool, five pieces of orichalcum, and two pieces of silver. Add in an extra 7,000G, 10 pieces of softwood lumber, five pieces of wool, and 2 orichalum if you want a kid for a crib.


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The reason all of this is so important is that tool upgrades are tied to story events. In Harvest Moon: Skytree Village, getting married is considered part of the story. I’ve been taking my time and doing my best, gotten married but not had a kid yet, and still don’t have a fully optimized tools like the hoe. Things take more time, even though the story itself isn’t all that difficult. In a game where farming is so critical, especially if you want to find all of the mutations, it seems odd to require socialization.


Make sure you don’t neglect your townsfolk in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village. Eventually, you’re going to have to get married if you want it all. Considering how long it can take to build chemistry, accumulate materials, and earn money, you should be constantly saving up a stockpile of crops and resources. That way, once you do completely restore the land, you can swiftly lock down a husband or wife, hopefully get the best versions of tools without too much of a delay, and continue focusing on being the master farmer you know you can be.


Harvest Moon: Skytree Village is available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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