imageHalf-Minute Hero Second is scheduled to come out on November 4 in Japan. Pre-order it and you’ll get extra quests and map chips.


Marvelous is giving out a Sengoku Sexy Roman Pack with each reservation. This item has three parts: a Sengoku Hero 30 quest, Hero 30 Sexy Dynamite quest, and a Romancing Tkool map set. Players can make their own maps in Half-Minute Hero Second and share them. The Romancing Tkool chip set sounds like a new set of sprites to play with.


The money hungry Goddess of Time is confirmed to be in Half-Minute Hero Second and she may be wearing user suggested costumes. Right now, the development team is asking for costume suggestions. Fans can submit ideas starting today to August 30th.


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(left: Hero 30 Overture, right: Hero 30 Revolution)


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