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Marvel’s Avengers Will Land on Next-Gen Consoles; Free Upgrade Included

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced that Marvel’s Avengers will be coming to next-gen consoles in Holiday 2020. Not only that, but Square Enix is also offering free upgrades to anyone who previously purchases the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions. The language in the press release suggests linear system movement, but that makes sense considering there is a data relationship involved.

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If you move from Xbox One to Xbox Series X, or from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, you’ll be able to migrate your player profiles and progression over to the newer version. Each platform will have a sort of distinct cross-play feature, meaning Xbox One and Xbox Series X players will be able to play together, and the same will be true for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players.

As you might expect, the next-gen versions of Marvel’s Avengers will boast higher resolutions, ray tracing, faster load times, “fidelity,” and more. Square Enix also laid out PlayStation 5-specific features, including haptic feedback for the DualSense, and the option to choose between an Enhanced Graphics Mode or High Framerate Mode. Details for other platform-specific features will be released at a later date.

As a reminder, Square Enix will be running a “War Table” stream, which will show co-op gameplay and other content.

Marvel’s Avengers will release for the PS4, the Xbox One, and the PC on September 4, 2020. Next-gen versions will launch during the holiday 2020 window.

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