Mary Skelter 2 Constantly Shows The Lengths People Go To For Love

Mary Skelter is an elaborate series. When someone goes through the first game, it seems like it is all about The Blood Team and attempting to defeat the living Jail. However, Mary Skelter 2 brings in Otsuu and Little Mermaid, a pair who didn’t really get any attention in the original affair, and retells the story with the two as major members of the group. At the same time, it still has Alice and Jack as another official “couple.” With this sequel, the love stories change how people can look at both entries in the series

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Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers for both Mary Skelter and Mary Skelter 2 below.

In Mary Skelter 2, Otsuu and Little Mermaid are an established couple. While the game dances around this initially, suggesting that Otsuu isn’t sure if Mermie remembers and honors the “vows” they took as husband and wife when they were children, it is very much established that the pair are together. Otsuu considers Mermie her princess, and in turn she is Mermie’s prince. Other characters point to this and occasionally tease them in a gentle sort of way. There’s even talk of an official wedding for the two and the two are constantly showing affection. Mermie is even the only character you can talk to that has hearts on her status page. On everyone else’s page, there are stars next to their name, job, and level.

Except, it turns out Mary Skelter 2 isn’t just some alternate take on the game. It’s an entire adventure born from Otsuu’s wish to revive the Mermie who died in the original Mary Skelter. Otsuu was originally a Nightmare who was constantly searching for the original Mermie, who was killed by Red Riding Hood before the events of that first game. The Jail allowed them a chance at a world where Otsuu and Mermie existed and fought alongside the Blood Maidens. But, when this didn’t work for them, playing through the original Mary Skelter: Nightmares and finding the microphone with Mermie’s song on it and playing it reminds Jack of the events in the parallel world.

Speaking of Jack, he and Alice are the other established pairing. The two are dependant upon one another, perhaps in a way that could be considered unhealthy in Mary Skelter 2. Alice sinks into Blood Skelter in both games when he is hurt. In the sequel, she even becomes the major Nightmare after thinking she is responsible for Jack’s death. She thinks she killed him, driving her to that unfortunate state. Meanwhile, Jack becomes a Nightmare after he dies, all because he still wants to find and be with Alice again. When he learns Alice became a Nightmare and the Alice who has been traveling with them is a Marchen mimic, he ends up cloning himself so half of him can protect the “real” Alice and become a Nightmare with her and the other can stay with the “fake” one.

Once someone goes through Mary Skelter: Nightmares after Mary Skelter 2, everything comes together in a wonderful way. Jack can find the items from the Mary Skelter 2 storyline, reminding himself of everything that happened in the parallel world. He can then find the Nightmare version of Otsuu and remind her too. Then, the two of them can go find Mermie and work toward a better, brighter ending for everyone in the original game. Love keeps propelling the story forward here, eventually even turning the original game into a third game, once people know what to look for.

Mary Skelter 2 is available for the Nintendo Switch and includes the first and second games. Mary Skelter: Nightmares is available for the PlayStation Vita and PC.

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