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Mary Skelter 2 Details New Battle Features That Will Help You Dish Out Heavy Damage



Compile Heart released a new trailer for Mary Skelter 2 that focuses on the basics of battle. The video demonstrates some of the new features that will come in handy in the dungeon crawler sequel.


The battle system is pretty straightforward, with parties made of five characters plus Tsuu & Jack. By hitting enemy weaknesses, you can take their blood and use it to your advantage, and similar to Mary Skelter: Mightmares you can use it to go into Massacre Mode which grants maidens with increased stats, adds a drain effect that heals when physically attacking foes, and grants access to the special “Massacre Skills.”


Jack is also able to use his blood to reverse the effects of the Marchen Blood on the Blood Maidens, which prevents them from going berserk.


One of the new systems in Mary Skelter 2 allows you to make enemies turn and face their back towards you, as demonstrated in the 1:57 mark. When an enemy has their back faced against you it puts them in a defenseless status that allows you to either land big damage or take out other enemies while they have their backs turned.


Another new system is the “Critical Attack Notice.” When this appears, it means you’ll get a chance at a guaranteed critical attack. This comes in three stages, meaning you can land a massive “Triple Critical Effect.”


The protagonist Tsuu can work alongside Nightmare Jack in battle. They’ll occasionally be able to perform two actions in one turn. When this occasion appears, you can choose to attack with Tsuu and Jack together or have them attack separately.


Mary Skelter 2 releases in Japan on June 28, 2018 for PlayStation 4. You can read more about its main characters in our previous report. You can also check here for more details on the game from its announcement.

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