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Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Impressions on the PlayStation 5

Masahiro Sakurai PlayStation 5 impressions

Masahiro Sakurai from Sora Ltd may be known as a central figure in the Nintendo scene for having developed the famous Kirby and Super Smash Bros franchises. However, that does not mean he cannot buy and enjoy other game consoles. In his latest Famitsu column, Masahiro Sakurai shared his impressions on Sony’s newest console, the PlayStation 5. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089!]

Here are some highlights from Masahiro Sakurai’s impressions on the PlayStation 5:

  • “The console unit is rather large.”
  • “Every behavior feels light and quick.”
  • “I can download a bunch of PS4 games at once. The first one I played overenthusiastically turned out to be The Ninja Warriors.” (Note: It’s yet to be specified whether this refers to the Arcade Archives version or the remastered game)
  • “However, at present, I’m troubled with the lack of folder divisions.”
  • “Frankly speaking, the internal SSD is so small it’s already all filled up.”
  • “In overall, I am very satisfied with it.”

The PlayStation 5 is now available in many countries around the world. The new console supports backwards compatibility with 99% of PlayStation 4 games, both physically and digitally. Sakurai himself recently added new Minecraft content to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, from characters like Steve and Alex to stage biomes that alter their gameplay mechanics.

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