Masahiro Sakurai appeared in 4Gamer end of 2021 coverage

Masahiro Sakurai Wrote About His 2021 Most Impactful Games

Masahiro Sakurai appeared at the 2021 edition of 4Gamer‘s game creator comment compilation. The Kirby and Super Smash Bros. creator joined the end-of-year coverage for the first time after declining the offer in previous years. As Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s content additions had already ended, he noted no longer has to worry about speculations for new Smash content whenever he mentioned a specific title.

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4Gamer‘s end-of-year coverage generally asks game creators about another game, a non-game title, and a person that left the greatest impression on them throughout the year. Masahiro Sakurai mentioned Inscryption as a recent game that impacted him the most. He noted that the PC card game made by Daniel Mullins includes many meta features and exceeds the usual limits in games.

As for the person who affected him the most in 2021, Sakurai mentioned Hidetaka Miyazaki. He praised the FromSoftware director for having top-class balance and continuing to influence the gaming industry. Sakurai also noted Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s remarkable activity as the non-game entertainment franchise that left the greatest impact on him.

While most developers teased their upcoming projects or mentioned their recently released games in the 2022 aspirations, Masahiro Sakurai did not have anything to announce in particular. Instead, he reiterated what he wrote in his final Famitsu column. He noted it will take some time to reveal what he is doing. The game creator mentioned he would not mind if people even end up forgetting about him for a while. Sakurai also wrote that he is unsure whether he will join 4Gamer‘s coverage in the coming years, because he does not really like deciding the best games.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is immediately available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch. While content additions for the game ended with Kingdom Hearts‘ Sora in October 2021, Nintendo released one more balance patch in early December 2021.

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