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Masked Killers Will Dog The Player Throughout Neon Noir Adventure My Eyes On You


Neon noir adventure My Eyes on You will have players following evidence and guiding the story based on what they find, but they’ll have to deal with other masked killers as they try to hunt down the elusive Man in the Red Mask.

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My Eyes on You shows off some of the stressful fist fights players will get into should they make contact with one of these masked killers in its newly-released trailer. The developers mention that these are ‘dynamic’ fights, showing various struggles where players must wrestle for every single landed blow, but have not gone into details on how the player will control these fights.

Throughout My Eyes on You, players will find bits of evidence that will lead them on the trail to find the killer. Based on the evidence the player follows, events will play out differently, offering multiple routes through the game. If the protagonist’s journey proves too mentally taxing, however, players will find themselves prone to hallucinations and a loss of ability. 


My Eyes on You is currently in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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