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Mass Effect 3 For Wii U Summarizes The First Two Games With Twelve Choices


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Electronic Arts and Australian developer Straight Right brought Mass Effect 3 to Wii U, but the other two entries in the series aren’t. To get new players up to speed, Bioware created Mass Effect: Genesis II, an interactive graphic novel that summarizes the story and lets players customize Shepard’s history.


Mass Effect: Genesis II has twelve decision points. As someone who skipped the other Mass Effect titles, are the major plot points covered in Genesis II?


As commander, I knew either relationship had the potential to interfere with the mission. Who does Shepard start a relationship with?

-> Kaiden/Ashley

-> Liara

-> The mission comes first


I was left with an angry Rachni Queen to deal with. She claimed her drones would do no harm if I released her, but the Rachni have terrorized the galaxy before.

-> Save the queen

-> Kill the queen


I tried to convince Wrex, but he wouldn’t back down.

-> Save Wrex

-> Kill Wrex


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I was left with just seconds to extract my squad. I tried, but I wasn’t fast enough. I could only save one of them.

-> Ashley

-> Kaiden


The Council was aboard the Destiny Ascension, and they were requesting assistance. But, I knew in order to help them, I would have to put or human alliance fleet in jeopardy…

-> Save Council

-> Sacrifice Council


Who should Shepard choose to be on the council? Both are great leaders in their own right…

-> Anderson

-> Udina


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Shepard is posed with a decision to recruit some or all of the teammates on a list. It would take time and effort to recruit them all, and with more humans disappearing everyday, I wasn’t sure I should bother…

-> Take your time. Recruit all.

-> Be expedient. Recruit fewer.


The team Shepard recruits has issues with each other. They only had to stay alive long enough to complete the mission. I wasn’t sure what difference it would make if they were happy doing it…

-> Resolve the conflicts.

-> Ignore the conflicts.


Shepard reunites with Ashley/Kaiden and Liara from earlier in the story. If things were going to get better between us, it would take time… but I was running out of time.

-> Stay true to your friends.

-> Move on


Jacob wanted to go immediately and rescue the crew. Ed and Miranda wanted more time to prepare before we attacked.

-> Rescue crew immediately.

-> Improve ship and team first.


We knew this could be our last day together. We were scared and looking for reassurance. Some of us found it in each other…

-> Start something with Tali.

-> Prepare for the assault.


Will you trust the Illusive man and use the technology of the Collectors to help defeat the Reapers?

-> Don’t trust the Illusive Man.

-> Agree with the Illusive Man.

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