Mastema: Out of Hell Is A 16-Bit Action Game About Crawling Up From The Bottom Of Hell



The protagonist of Mastema: Out of Hell has no memory of why he’s in Hell, but that won’t stop him from trying to escape it, fighting demons with found weapons and tools in this sidescrolling 16-bit action game.


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Players will face several kinds of monstrosities as they make their way through Mastema: Out of Hell’s fifty-five stages. The creatures won’t be their only trouble, though, as Hell is also filled with traps, crumbling bridges, and spiked pits waiting to catch the unwary.


Players will be able to find a number of tools to help them along their way, though. Unique weapons are hidden amongst the bones and fires, so dedicated explorers will find several artifacts that will make their lives easier.


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Mastema: Out of Hell is raising votes on Greenlight for a projected release this quarter.

Alistair Wong
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