Master 12 Towns By Besting Evil Walls In RPG Kyoto Tanoji Quest



Kyoto Tanoji Quest offers players some Japanese trivia, a walk through twelve towns, and turn-based combat against walls empowered by evil forces.




The main character of the game is the player, and they will be able to wander through the streets and shops of the Tanoji area of Kyoto city. Each of those towns contains friendly townsfolk who will engage the player with idle conversation and trivia about Japan and Japanese history.


This peaceful trip will also require the player to master the self, doing so by facing off against evil walls that represent inner turmoil in various silly ways. Through beating those walls up, as well as their meetings with the people of the cities, the player will eventually surpass all the trials the towns hold.




Players can begin their journey of self-reflection and Japanese culture at no cost, as Kyoto Tanoji Quest is available now on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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