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Match The Beat Of A Dying Boombox In Inside My Radio On PS4


Seaven Studio has now launched its challenging, rhythm-driven adventure Inside My Radio on PlayStation 4. It costs $14.99 with a 20 percent discount for PS Plus members.


You play as an electro green LED called Taek with is trapped inside a dying boombox. To survive, Taek needs to journey through the boombox and restore the music by saving the disco and dub buddies.


Each world of the game has its own theme and each level has its own soundtrack. You’ll have to match the beats of that song with Taek’s actions to get through.


Inside My Radio was originally conceived by TurboDindon during the Ludum Dare game jam and won both the Overall and Audio prizes in the Jam category. Seaven Studio has been working with TurboDindon since then to spruce it up for a full release.

Chris Priestman