May 9 Is Goku Day and King Piccolo Commemoration Day

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Image via Dragon Ball Official Website

May 9, 2023 is a big day for Dragon Ball Z fans, as it will be both Goku Day and King Piccolo Commemoration Day. The official website for the series uploaded a summary of the upcoming celebrations in a fake news segment. There will be a poll for users to vote on their favorite Goku quote, as well as a “Piccolection” of Piccolo-related items.

Shueisha collected fifty-nine iconic Goku quotes for you to choose for readers to choose from. The video shows a reel of some panels rom the manga. The announcer’s personal pick is Goku’s “They died because of it,” which he said during his battle against Frieza. The top quotes will become merchandise. We’ll see more information on that when it will come up in July 2023. It’s unclear if the quotes themselves will turn into an item, or if it’s the context of the quote that will be.

In the Dragon Ball Z canon, May 9 is literally King Piccolo Commemoration Day. To celebrate, there will be a quiz that looks back on Piccolo’s best hits. Fans will also be able to vote on what they thought were Piccolo’s most amazing moments. Voters will be eligible for prizes such as a figure and special card. Toriyama will create original artwork of the scenes that fans pick. Speaking of Toriyama, a sneak peek at the draft for the new chapter six of Dragon Ball Super will be available for a limited time on May 12, 2023.

Goku Day and King Piccolo Commemoration Day takes place on May 9, 2023. A Dragon Ball Z video game, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4, is in development.

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