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Mayla Teases NieR Automata Shoes

Mayla has teased an upcoming selection of shoes based on NieR Automata. There’s not much more information on when they’ll appear, what characters will have collaboration shoes, and if there will be any other goods in the collection.

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The promotional art shows a pair of black high heels on a concrete building. Behind it are a lot of other dilapidated buildings with trees growing from them, which is a scene that those who played NieR Automata should be familiar with. On the high heels, there is a white design on the front and the back of the shoes have Mayla’s signature bow. Because of the white design on the front, which almost looks like 2B’s visor (with even a slant to it to account for how part of her bangs fall in front of the blindfold), this pair of high heels likely draws inspiration from her.

Mayla is a brand that tends to release accessories, shoes, perfumes, and clothing based off anime or video games. Their shoes usually feature a big bow at the back of them. In the past, Mayla received heeled sneakers that look like the pilots and plugsuits in Evangelion. Even earlier than those shoes, it released pumps that look like Hatsune Miku.

NieR Automata is readily available on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. More information on the Mayla NieR Automata shoes will come out later.

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