McDonald’s Announces First One Piece Collaboration

mcdonald's one piece

Treasure arrived on the shores of the Golden Arches Island, otherwise known as McDonald’s. McDonald’s in Japan has announced its first ever collaboration with One Piece. A spoof of the opening sequence of Gol D. Roger telling pirates to go searching for the treasure has appeared on the company’s Twitter account as well.

The collaboration will start on April 19, 2023. It is not a collaboration with the kids’ menu, which means there aren’t One Piece McDonald’s toys. Instead, it’s with the “chicken tatsuta” burger, which is essentially a fried chicken burger. There will also be a new kind of chicken tatsuta burger which will have yuzu-flavored oroshi (grated daikon). If you go in to order past 5 PM, then you’ll be able to get these burgers with rice buns. For a limited time, McDonald’s will also offer blue yogurt-flavored floats and sodas that look like ocean waves.

So then where’s the One Piece? Well, that’s what the Straw Hats are searching for, but for those who want to see the pirates at McDonald’s, then there will be AR contents that will be available in the store. McDonald’s will also run several Twitter campaigns. The characters will likely also be on the bags and cups that the restaurant will give customers.

The One Piece collaboration at McDonald’s will run from a limited time from April 19, 2023.

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