Me & Roboco Will Air on Netflix From May 2023

Me & Roboco Netflix
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The anime adaptation of Me & Roboco will appear on Netflix starting on May 1, 2023. As of the time of writing, there are already six episodes, since the show started airing in December 2022. Me & Roboco is sci-fi comedy about the misadventures of robot maid Roboco and ten-year-old everyman Bondo Taira. [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

The general plot of Me & Roboco follows average boy Bondo and his robot maid Roboco. She is very clumsy, buff, and powerful, and generally makes Bondo’s life weirder and more chaotic. Me & Roboco is like a combination between Amelia Bedelia and Doraemon. It’s actually like a parody or modern homage of Doraemon, since all of the main characters take physical cues from the cast. Gachi Gorilla and Motsuo Kaneo are essentially much nicer versions of Gian and Suneo, for example. The series also makes lots of references and parodies to other works.

The anime is airing on TV Tokyo in Japan and the manga has been running in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2020. Viz Media has licensed it in English. It is very popular in its native Japan. Over a million copies of the manga are in circulation as of 2023. As well, in 2022, it was #11 on a list of manga series recommended by bookstore employees around Japan.

Me & Roboco will start airing on Netflix from May 1, 2023.

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