Mechs Fight Demons In The Gloomy World Of Irkalla

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It’s about time you knew about Irkalla. It’s a tactical arcade shooter in which you drive a mech with high-tech weaponry around a dangerous dystopian world of dark science and magic.


There’s not much of a plot to the game (or, at least, it hasn’t been discussed much yet) as it’s mostly intended as a single-player survival game. In other words, you march across crags of grey rock shooting up demons and mages for as long as you can.


Although, saying that, the word “Irkalla” refers to the Babylonian underworld from which there is apparently no return. So that’s a little insight into what this gloomy world might be.


Anyway, as well as the single player mode, it will also have a multiplayer versus mode which will, presumably, involve two or more players going at it with a range of weaponry. Picture steel bodies having explosive shells and bullets rained against them.


You can see some of the concept art drawn up for the game below. There’s more in-game art and other details about the game slowly being revealed on the game’s TIG Source development log. There’s also a website here.


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