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Medabots: Dual Kabuto And Kuwagata Versions To Hit 3DS This Year



This week’s issue of Famitsu reveals that the latest installment of the Medabots series, titled Medabots: Dual will be released in two versions of Kabuto and Kuwagata, later this year for the Nintendo 3DS.


Past titles in the franchise were RPGs, but Medabots: Dual will be an action game. Medabots: Dual has the same customization features that let players freely use parts to make create their own Medabot, which is used to fight against other opponents.


First print copies of the game will come with an exclusive card binder, an AR card that will give you a special part Medabot part, and a limited edition Medabot. Purchasers of the first print copies will also be included to a lottery for a chance to win 28 special AR cards.


Kabuto will be a shooter-type that focuses on long-ranged attacks, while the Kuwagata will be all about pulling consecutive combos in close-ranged combat. Both versions of the game will have different navigational voices, in Aya Endo for the Kabuto version, and Rie Kugimiya for the Kuwagata version.


Medabots: Dual will feature over 100 new Medabots to the series. Each Medabot will be made up of four parts: head, left-arm, right-arm, and legs, and you’ll acquire new parts upon winning fights.


There will also be tag team fights that can be done with teammates called “Buddies,” which will also include characters from past Medabot titles. A total of over 140 missions will be available. Medabots: Dual supports up to four players can in online mode where you can trade parts amongst each other.


Medabots: Dual Kabuto and Medabots: Dual Kuwagata will be released for 3DS later this year.

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