Medabots S Readies For Robattles On Smartphones With Early Registration And A New Trailer



We last heard about the upcoming Medabots smartphone game Medabots S back in May. Early registration is now up along with a new trailer from Imagineer that gives us a peek at how the Robattle RPG plays.


Check out the new trailer below:

Medabots S features a 3v3 battle system that fans of the Medabots series are familiar with. The game features its own original characters along with popular characters from the Medabots series. It is command-based and comes with customizable parts. As for its genre, it’s simply a Robattle game for smartphones.


The main character Arase Osumi finds  himself entering a Robattle tournament called the “Medalympics” where the winners can have any wish granted. As we play through the game we learn more about other organizations, such as evil militants that are also aiming for the prize and will do anything to get in the way of others.


Those interested in trying out the game in Japanese, the official website kicked off early registrations with a campaign going on with the highest goal of 100,000 registrations.


Medabots S releases for iOS and Android in Japan in Fall 2019/Winter 2019. Check out more on the game in our previous report.

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