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Meet Ace Attorney 5’s Kizuki Kokone, Who Solves Cases By Listening To Hearts


On the game’s website, Capcom have introduced the new heroine of Ace Attorney 5, Kizuki Kokone, along with some new info on Apollo Justice and a glimpse at new cases and investigations we’ll be seeing in the near future.


Kizuki Kokone:


Kokone is the newest addition to the Wright Anything Agency, and studied law in the United States. She’s a girl who is full of emotions and hates to lose. Her special ability of being able to use to a witness’ emotions by listening to their “Heart’s Testimony”.


Her strong emotions can sometimes be her weakness as it can occasionally cause her to be reckless when things get heated. Her goal is to become a lawyer who can solve cases by listening to the hearts of others.



Kokone’s ability is known as the ‘Heart Scope’. By Using the Heart Scope feature, you’ll be able to listen to the witness’ heart and get the truth out of any contradictory statements and lies.


She uses a screen that appears floating in thin air to use the Heart Scope, followed by a monitor check on what the wintess’ heart has to say. While using the Heart Scope, you’ll also hear noises mixed in with the testimonies.



As useful as the Heart Scope feature may seem, it won’t get the truth out of the witnesses on its own. This is where your skills will come into play, as you’ll have to reduce the noise level in order to hear the truth. On the screen you’ll see a mix of testimonies and emotions.


The four faces showing different emotion will be the key of figuring out whether there are contradictions mixed with the testimonies. It will be up to you to point out any noticeable emotional differences. Once you’ve successfully cleared the Heart Scope, the noise level will go to 0%, giving you a new fact for the case.


Apollo Justice


As previously reported, Apollo is back and is looking more gallant than ever. He’s seen with a bandage wrapped around his right eye and both arms but it is still unknown as to just what caused the injuries.


Ace Attorney 5’s website points out that the jacket he has around his shoulders hasn’t been seen before. Could it have something to do with his upcoming case?


No other information on Apollo has been provided yet.


Additionally, the site also shows off 3D investigations. Up until now, the Ace Attorney series have all been in 2D. With a new 3D look, all the characters and cases will all be presented in 3D in Ace Attorney 5.



The courtroom isn’t the only part that’s getting the 3D treatment, as the adventure parts will also be seen in 3D.


When you’re in a room full of potential clues such as this one, you’ll start out by looking left and right around the room. Check out any suspicious looking spots to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary.


The 3D investigations can help you see new clues thanks to the added depth. For example, the table in the above image. What may have normally looked like a plain table, actually turned out to have a bomb hidden right beneath! There will be many other moments where 3D investigating will come in handy to find what you’re looking for.


Ace Attorney 5 is slated to be released in 2013 for Nintendo 3DS. Capcom USA have already confirmed the game for an overseas release.

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