Meet A Baby-Faced Creep In The Demo For Indie Horror Adventure Stray Cat Crossing



The two-person team behind indie horror adventure Stray Cat Crossing have released a Windows demo to give you an idea of the creepiness that lies ahead in the full version. It should last about half an hour while the full game will run you over two hours.


Not much is known about Stray Cat Crossing apart from a barebones description of its plot and some hazy-looking screenshots of the various characters we’ll get to meet.


In short, you play as a red-haired woman who goes out looking for a stray cat but ends up trapped in a mysterious red room. Inside is a strange baby-faced ring leader who talks in riddles and gives her puzzles to solve.



As you can see in the screenshot above, the room also contains a young girl with bandages around her face holding a camera who asks to take your picture. There are also movie projectors, penny farthings, and old dolls to be found among the skeletons in that room.


Stray Cat Crossing is inspired by similar indie horror adventure games such as The Witch’s House and Ib. But it also takes its cues from Alice in Wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Spirited Away, and Pan’s Labyrinth apparently.


You can follow the game’s progress over on its Tumblr page or on the RPG Maker website. The Windows demo is right here.

Chris Priestman