Meet Bizarre Neptunians In This Submarine Roguelike


You see that fish up there? That’s an EMP Fish. You do not want to get near them while piloting a submarine through the abyssal underwater alien caverns of Neptune’s moon Triton. That pilot is a fool.


Don’t worry, you’ll learn these kinds of things while playing Neptune, Have Mercy for yourself. Although, the way you learn them will probably be through making deadly mistakes. Ah well, that’s what roguelikes are all about – death and the lessons that come with it.


Yep, Neptune, Have Mercy is a sci-fi roguelike that warrants the comparison to FTL: Faster Than Light…er, but not in space or in a spaceship, of course. That means that you’ll have to look after and command your crew as you explore Triton.


Another big difference between this and FTL is that Neptune, Have Mercy is more focused on exploration than escape and combat. The dangers to you in this subterranean ocean are the bizarre alien creatures that live inside this strange ecosystem.


As said, you’ll have to learn how to deal with them, using the tools and upgrades of your submarine obtained by harvesting underwater resources. When that fails, evasive maneuvers might suffice. There will be puzzles to solve too, and some of the fish and creatures you find may have to be used to solve them.


All of this is part of the process of delving deeper down into the procedurally generated caves to find a dark mystery. If you’re intrigued to find out more, check out the Neptune, Have Mercy website. The game will be coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux whenever it’s finished.

Chris Priestman