Meet Cyberpunk Bartending Sim VA-11 HALL-A’s Livestreaming Girl, And Other Characters

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Sukeban Games has shared some of its recent progress on its cyberpunk bartending sim VA-11 HALL-A, including a look at the new recipe book, and an introduction to more of the game’s characters.


One of the biggest requests among VA-11 HALL-A players has been a recipe book, apparently, in which you can look up all the cocktails in one convenient place. And a recipe book is what Sukeban has cooked up. It lists all of the drinks categorically, plus it contains the instructions needed to concoct them.


Sukeban says that it hopes the recipe book will make the bartending feel more organic and allow for experimentation in players.  It’ll certainly come in handy when clients at the bar ask for a certain flavor, or price range of drink, and especially when they ask you to surprise them based on knowing their tastes.


As said, as well as the recipe book, Sukeban has revealed three of VA-11 HALL-A’s characters. I would say “new” character but, apparently, they’re not – they’re older characters that simply haven’t been shown off before.



The first one is Ingram McDougal who is the kind of guy who likes complaining simply for the sake of it. “The bartending life has its ups and downs, but even with the worst clients you might find interesting stories. (Hint: he most likely has a cool story),” Sukeban says.


unnamed (1)

This second grouchy-looking guy is chief editor and director of popular news site “The Augmented Eye” Donovan D. He’s very straightforward, probably quite demanding, and a guy who knows what he wants. “Managing a newspaper, even in the digital era, can be a taxing job. Who knows what kind of stuff he’ll tell you while unwinding?” writes Sukeban.


unnamed (2)

Lastly is Streaming-chan who… well, it’s probably best to just show you what Sukeban has to say about her: “Live 24/7! Trying everything this short life of ours has to offer and looking good while doing it! Streaming-chan has arrived! Watch Streaming-chan as she broadcasts her daily life, every hour of every day. Become a Premium Member for only 9.99 a month and get full access to her even most private moments! Uncensored! Uncut! and Unapologetic! (Maybe?)”


That’s all the reveals for now. Find out more about VA-11 HALL-A on its website. Download its prologue for free on

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