Atlus have been sharing gameplay videos of some of the character classes in Etrian Mystery Dungeon over the past couple of weeks. Here’s a look at them.





Medics can revive or heal the party. They’re also capable of performing some attacks of their own, but even with their healing abilities you’ll need to look out for your party by keeping your Runemasters back and your Landsknechts up front.





The Gunner class specializes in ranged combat. It can bind specific enemy body parts, such as legs to stop them moving or arms to stop them hurting you.





Dancers are skilled at party enhancement but are also capable of doing damage to enemies.





Hexers can cast status effects on enemies. They’re capable of debuffs, poison effects, bindings, and more.


Etrian Mystery Dungeon is scheduled for release on April 7th for the Nintendo 3DS.


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