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Meet The Great Ace Attorney, Sherlock Holmes, And Friends



We recently reported that Sherlock Holmes and Watson will be a part of The Great Ace Attorney, which takes place in Japan and England. The game’s official website shares some more information behind some of the game’s key characters.



Ryunosuke Naruhodo:

Ryunosuke is the protagonist of The Great Ace Attorney. He’s a student at the imperial capital’s university during the era of the Empire of Japan. After the occurrence of a certain case, he decides to become an attorney. In order to learn the most from the latest judicial system, he goes to study abroad in England, filled with a passion for justice.


Susato Mikotoba:

Susato is a young lady who supports Ryunosuke as a “legal affairs assistant” due to certain circumstances. She loves reading foreign detective novels, and is a graceful Japanese woman with big dreams.



Sherlock Holmes:

As you may already know, he’s the most famous great detective in the entire world. Due to his sharp powers in observation and deductive reasoning, he not only discovers the truth but sometimes goes too far beyond it. With such a great detective and lawyer coming together as one, it looks like we might see some of the greatest cases ever held in the court of London.


Iris Watson:

Iris is a young girl who lives with Holmes. At an early age of 8 years, she already has an M.D., and has also serialized “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” which is very popular in London. There are rumors that even say that her reasoning talent surpasses even that of Sherlock Holmes’.


The Great Ace Attorney is slated for release in Japan in 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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