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Meet Gunvolt’s Pals In Azure Striker Gunvolt


    This morning, Inti Creates shared further details on the story and characters of Azure Striker Gunvolt, their upcoming action-platformer for the Nintendo 3DS.


    As reported in the past, Gunvolt’s world and story revolve around the concept of “psychic powers,” which are basically mutant abilities. In the near future, people possessing these psychic powers emerged, and although they were initially feared, a conglomerate known as the Sumeragi Group took it upon themselves to supervise them and maintain peace.


    Unfortunately, this peace comes at a cost. Sumeragi are actually running a concentration camp for psychics, where they experiment on their psychic prisoners. To combat this initiative, an organization named QUILL has risen up to fight the Sumeragi Group. QUILL is a subdivision of a foreign human rights organization that is dedicated to protecting psychics, and Gunvolt himself is part of this group.


    We’ve already discussed Gunvolt, Lumen and Joule in past reports on Azure Striker Gunvolt, so here’s a look at some of the new characters in the game, starting with the other members of QUILL.




    Asimov is one of the founding members of QUILL and a team leader. He’s a skilled marksman and uses a sniper rifle. Although Asimov displays no emotion while on duty, his passion for QUILL’s cause is well known among those that look up to him. He rescued Gunvolt from a Sumeragi facility where he underwent terrible experiments. Gunvolt considers him a teacher and father.



    Gino is described as the “life of the party” at QUILL. He has a love for anime, manga and games, and tend to crack frivolous jokes at other people’s expense. Despite this, he cares for Gunvolt, even after he leaves QUILL.



    Monica is an operations officer at QUILL and one of its few members that doesn’t have psychic powers. She’s sort an older sister to both GV and Gino, and has a clumsy side to her, despite normally being a serious and highly capable officer. She has a deep admiration for Asimov, the group’s leader.


    And now, we come to a member of the Sumeragi Group, Shiden. Sumeragi is a powerful conglomerate that is composed of power companies, and is the sole supplier of the nation’s energy needs. They’re also involved in media, space development and military technology, and have a great influence over politics as well. (In short, they’re your typical evil cyberpunk organization.)



    Shiden is a Sumeragi lieutenant and has a small army of psychics and soldiers serving under him. He leads a project that would give Sumeragi total control over all psychics. He speaks in riddles and has a tendency to look down on others. Shiden is considered the most powerful among the Sumeragi psychics.


    Azure Striker Gunvolt is in development for the Nintendo 3DS and will be released this Summer in North America and Japan. A European release is being investigated by Inti Creates.

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