Nintendo 3DS

Meet Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land’s Gorgeous Siblings, Mistel And Iris



Move over Raegar! You’d probably have to take two looks before settling on the truth of it—Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land’s antique shop owner Mistel is actually a dude. And one you can marry, as well, if you so choose.


While he looks… young…  and dashing… and dreamy… he’s got the mind and demeanor of an adult, and treats any lady with the full gentlemanly respect they deserve. Being around and with him will make anyone feel refreshed, despite his job in a musty old antique place. If you don’t fancy him (Pitchforks! Pitchforks!) you can still buy furniture and accessories such as paintings from him.




As lovely as Mistel is, his older sister Iris is equally brilliant. A novelist, she has an abundance of information and extensive knowledge, and will happily share it with you if you ask. Like her brother, she’s filled with a natural tendency to kindness and a refreshing nature and is very caring. Sometimes, though, the writing takes her, and she’ll spend all day sitting at her desk, writing the latest yaoi fanfic draft for her story.


Otherwise, you’ll find her leisurely strolling around town and enjoying the sights. And yes, she’s of marrying age too.



For the non-marriables, there’s innkeeper Morris. While his is the only inn in town and he could have charged a fortune for anyone to stay in it, he’s actually notably generous, even willing to let some stay for free if they’re flat broke. He’s the father of Lily, the weathergirl, as well as his youngest daughter Melti.



Melti is a lovable child with girlish charms whose head is still stuck in the clouds. She truly believes that some day, her prince will arrive and take her away to love forever. Anytime there’s a really cool or dashing boy—like Mistel, Raegar or Klaus, and yes, possibly even your male avatar—around, she’ll go into full cool and cute mode, hoping to appeal to them. She continually gives love advice to her elder sister Lily, too.



And because the designers can, the owner of the general store is Ottmar. He’s another one who wanders at his own pace in his old age, sometimes secluding himself in his house to read a book (From Iris, perchance?). On holidays and rest days, he’ll be in his garden doing some gardening as one of his hobbies. This could be worrisome, though, as he’s been getting more forgetful of late of the days…


Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land will be out on Nintendo 3DS February 2014.