Meet Kartos, “The God Of Ore,” The Newest Yooka-Laylee Character

In typical fashion, the team over at Playtonic Studios have given the newest character revealed for Yooka-Laylee a punny name.

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Before, we had Trowzer the Snake and Rextro Sixtyfourus. Now we have a mine cart called Kartos, and it seems he also has a nickname – “The God of Ore.” Yes, this time it’s Kratos from the God of War series that’s being riffed on. But Kartos and Kratos have little in common.


Whereas Kratos is an angry man with vicious blades, Kartos is friendly, and described as “old-school” and “old fashioned.” “He actually looks like a bad DIY project by myself, and I’m sure I’ve seen some of his body parts lying around in my shed at home,” Playtonic’s Kev Bayliss, and father of Kartos, said.


Apparently, Yooka will be making use of Kartos’ services at various points throughout Yooka-Laylee – he’s for “hire” too, it says, so you’ll probably need to spend your hard-earned Pagies.


Oh, one final thing. There’s a new music track that you can listen to that will play during the Kartos Challenge. Have a listen on SoundCloud.

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